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Small Business Software

In several large corporations, the number of departments that support the services of the mainline departments is huge. For each employee who goes into the field, large corporations have a number of employees who work behind the scenes to support, guide and follow-up. But when you are running a small business, you cannot afford the luxury of several departments. Most probably, the employees you have all relate to the main line of your business activity and if you do have an administrative assistant she/he doubles up as a HR Manager, a House Keeping and Maintenance Manager and your personal secretary. With small businesses, multi tasking is the way to excellence. And small business software should have similar attributes.

It is absolutely essential to have small business software that effectively handles accounting for your business. While larger corporations would usually have an army of accountants to take care of their book keeping, as a small business owner, you need to ensure that your accounting is in order. And fortunately for you, there is specific small business software that will be suitable for your needs. This kind of small business software will not just track your income and outflow, but will also evolve formats for you to draw up your profit and loss accounts, your petty cash flow etc.

Quite similar to the above is small business software that tracks time. Next to money, time is the most critical aspect of your operations and you need small business software to help you keep track of it. Such software typically integrates with your existing tools like the Microsoft Outlook Express, Calendar and appointments to streamline the way you conduct your business. Apart from this, it will also calculate the amount of time you spend on meetings, the time you spend on traveling, the time you spend on the phone and the time you spend doing other administrative duties. When all the above have been tabulated and figured into the total time you spend on the business, you can get a clear picture of what you should be charging in order to make each hour profitable.

Human resources is another area where small business software can help you achieve efficiencies. If your business has a limited number of employees, (typically under 20) you can use customized small business software to administer the human resource functions. The activities that would be covered under such software include recruitment, sourcing, hiring, pay and negotiation, attendance, conflict resolution, payroll etc. When you use small business software built specifically for such purposes, you eliminate the need to invest in a physical human resource department and can operate and streamline your human resource activities virtually and much more efficiently.

Other typical small business software include a paper organization software to streamline paper details stored with regard to your business, marketing efficiency software to track the efficacy of your communication activities, web management software to own and operate your small business website and even small business software that are specifically tailored to help you secure loans from financial institutions.

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