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Printing On Budget Forms Saves Money
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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If your business utilizes lots of pre-printed forms, buying budget forms can save quite a bit of money. Invoices, checks, envelopes, purchase orders, and contracts are all forms on which you can save money by locating inexpensive form sellers. You will probably have to buy these cheap forms in bulk. However, you are likely to use all the cheap forms that you buy. Inexpensive forms can be purchased through several avenues to fit your budget.

Ask your existing form provider for a discount. This might be a bulk discount, or even a good customer discount. Just the idea that you might change vendors may cause your vendor to offer you a budget discount for your form orders. Discounts may also be available if you increase your form order slightly, into the next higher order category. If so, the savings to your form budget might be more than the small price increase.

Search the web for online office supplies wholesalers. These companies might have their own websites, or they might operate through online auction stores. Enter the part numbers of the forms you use into various search engines and see who stocks these forms cheaply. Price comparison sites can help you locate cheap forms that won't break your budget.

Visit estate or liquidation sales for companies that have gone out of business. Every business has an accounting department. These companies may have been using the same pre-printed forms as you do. While other buyers are concentrating on computers and office furniture, you can swoop in and buy cheap accounting forms for very budget-friendly prices.

Sometimes it is possible to create your own easy-on-the-budget forms yourself. Modern computer and printer technology can create and print almost anything. Buy some form design software, and reproduce the forms you are using. You'll still need to buy the printing stock for the forms, but that will be much cheaper because it is blank. Budget form creation lets you keep control of your forms.

You may probably have several other ideas where to obtain cheap forms. Keep your eyes and ears open, use the methods above, and you should never run out of budget forms.

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